Mission Cantina | Dinner
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Pico & Chips – $3 veg/gf

Plantains & Guacamole – $6.5 veg/gf

Stuffed Jalapenos – $7.5 gf
Spicy chorizo & cheese-stuffed peppers garnished with chimichurri and crema fresca

Black Bean Dip – $5 veg/gf
Spicy garlic and cheese black bean dip, served with tortilla chips

Alitas de Pollo – $12 gf
Eight chicken wings, flash-fried & tossed in a tangy cayenne pepper reduction and served with creamy poblano dipping sauce

Little Green Salad – $6 veg/gf
Fresh greens topped with tomatoes, corn, jicama, red onion escabeche and pepitas. Choice of bleu cheese, cumin, chipotle or champagne orange vinaigrette

Elotes – Street-Style Corn on the Cob – $4 veg/gf
Grilled ear of corn seasoned with mayonnaise, cotija cheese, cayenne, cilantro and lime

Spicy Cantina Camarones – $9.5
Eight tiger shrimp sautéed with pineapple in a coconut milk and santaka pepper sauce and served with a side of flour tortillas
as an entrée, with sautéed fajita veggies and rice – $15

Mission Cantina Nachos – $9.5 veg/gf
Corn chips, cheese, black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and crema fresca piled high and oven-baked, served on a hot skillet
add chicken, pork or chorizo – $3
add fajita veggies or sweet papas – $2
add steak or shredded beef – $4

Queso Fundido – $7.5 veg/gf
Warm melted three cheese dip made with roasted garlic, sautéed onion, jalapeno peppers, roasted corn and red pepper and served with a basket of chips
add chorizo – $3

*Ahi Tostada – $10 gf
Ahi tuna, seared rare and served with mandarin pineapple salsa on two crispy corn tostadas with chimichurri sauce

Tres Tamales – $9
Three mini beef tamales topped with crema fresca and a side of avocado-jalapeno salsa

Hongos Quesadilla – $7.5 veg/gf
Three corn tortillas filled with mushrooms and jack cheese, served with adobo sauce and guacamole

Pollo Quesadilla – $9.5 gf
Chicken with tomatillo verde sauce, jack cheese, pico de gallo and crema fresca

*Carne Asada Quesadilla – $10.5 gf
Grilled skirt steak, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and jack cheese, served with red chile adobo, guacamole and crema fresca



Two Tacos served on House-Made Masa Tortillas
add red rice and black beans – $2

Ancho Chicken – $12 gf
Fire-grilled Ancho Chili Chicken topped with cumin-tossed greens

Pescado – $12.5 gf
White fish under cumin slaw – lightly battered or grilled

*Grilled Steak – $14 gf
Grilled skirt steak with bleu cheese-tossed greens

Sautéed Shrimp – $13.5 gf
Tequila citrus shrimp with chipotle greens


Three Tacos served on double-wrapped Corn Tortillas
add red rice and black beans – $2

Barbacoa Beef Tacos – $13 gf
Corn tortillas dipped in roja tomatillo sauce, filled with traditional barbacoa beef and topped with cilantro and caramelized onions

Carnitas – $13 gf
Pork carnitas topped with diced red onions and cilantro, sprinkled with lime juice and crema fresca

Sweet Potato – $12 veg/gf
Sweet potato, bell peppers and caramelized onions on a bed of chipotle-dressed greens and topped with cotija cheese, pico de gallo and crema fresca

Al Pastor – $13 gf
Adobo-marinated pork and spices, topped with diced red onions, cilantro and a side of avocado-jalapeño salsa and lime


Two Enchiladas wrapped in flour tortillas and served with red rice and black beans
substitute a little green salad – $2

Sweet Potato – $12.5 veg
Sweet potatoes, roasted red bell pepper and caramelized onion, topped with apricot mole, guacamole and crema fresca

Chicken & Green Chile – $13.5
Shredded chicken cooked with green chile, red onion, garlic and tomato – topped with tomatillo verde sauce, cheese, crema and pico de gallo

Pulled Pork – $13.5
Pulled pork with habanero orange adobo sauce, cheese, crema and red onion escabeche

Shredded Beef – $14
Shredded beef with roasted red bell pepper, cheese, apricot mole, crema and black bean & roasted corn salsa

Enchiladas can be made gluten-free with corn tortillas upon request


Mexican telera bread grilled and served with black bean spread, avocado, tomato, serano slaw, melted jack cheese with your choice of filling

Pollo – $11
Marinated ancho chili chicken, fire-roasted red peppers and caramelized onion

Carnitas – $12
Roasted carnitas pork in adobo sauce with pickled red onion escabeche

Carne – $13
Grilled skirt steak, fire-roasted red peppers and caramelized onion

Ahogada – $12
Roasted carnitas pork in adobo sauce, pickled red onion escabeche, covered in a spicy ahogada sauce. Our traditional drowned torta…you might need a fork!



Our Ever-Popular Burrito – $14

Stuffed with red rice, sautéed veggies, shredded cheese and your choice of filling – Topped with chile roja sauce, crema, pico de gallo, and served with black beans
Spicy Chorizo
Shredded Chicken
Pulled Pork
Shredded Beef


Cochinita Pibil Pork – $14 gf
Pork brined in blood orange juice and spices.  Slow roasted in a banana leaf and topped with escabeche onion and queso fresco. Served with a side of black beans, corn tortillas and lime

*Carne Asada – $18
Marinated 8 oz skirt steak grilled to temp, topped with chimichurri sauce and served with red rice, street-style corn and warm flour tortillas

Fresh vegetable medley with your choice of filling – Served on a hot skillet with three flour tortillas, pico de gallo, spring mix, guacamole, crema fresca, black beans and rice
chicken or tofu – $14
*steak or shrimp – $17

Many entrees can be made gluten-free with corn tortillas upon request

Ahi Salad


Ahi Tuna – $15 gf
Pepper-crusted ahi tuna seared rare, served over a bed of champagne-orange vinaigrette greens, tomatoes, pepitas, jicama and mandarin orange salsa

*Carne Asada – $13 gf
Grilled skirt steak over mixed greens tossed in bleu cheese vinaigrette with tomatoes and black bean and roasted corn salsa

*Tijuana Caesar – $12 gf
Crisp romaine, cotija cheese, pepitas and jicama tossed in a zesty caesar dressing and served with spicy plantain strips

Pollo – $13 gf
Chicken tossed in our tangy cayenne pepper reduction served over creamy avocado-poblano romaine with black bean and roasted corn salsa, jicama and bacon


Rice – $1.5
Black Beans – $1.5
Tortillas (3) – $1.5
House-Made Masa Tortillas (2) – $2
Mole – $2
Plantains – $2
Slaw – $1.5
Pico de gallo – $1.5
Chips – $1.5
Guacamole – large-$4.5, small-$3
Sauteed Veggie Mix – $5


Churros with Cream Filling – $6
Flash-fried pastry with vanilla cream filling, dusted with cinnamon sugar – Served with Mission’s own horchata ice cream

Deep Fried Ice Cream – $7
Horchata ice cream rolled in cinnamon corn flakes – Flash-fried and served on a crispy flour tortilla with chocolate drizzle

Our Famous House-Made Flan – $6
Our creamy flan topped with fresh whipped cream

Homemade Ice Cream from Husky Deli – $5
Our Signature Mexican Chocolate

Our black beans are made from scratch and lard-free

All our sauces are made in house from scratch and are Vegetarian

Vegetarian and/or Gluten-Free options indicated by “veg / gf”

Many Vegetarian options are also available Vegan – Please ask you server

We accept VISA and Master Card as forms of payment

We accept a maximum of 3 forms of payment per check – Please indicate of you would like separate checks before you order

*The Health Department would like you to know that menu items indicated by an asterisk (*) can be ordered raw or undercooked which, when consumed, may lead to food-borne illness