Mission Cantina | New Arrivals
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New Arrivals

Our latest agave arrivals!

New Mezcal

In the tiny village of San Miguel Ejutla in the central valley of Oaxaca, a co-operative comprised of 20 families (Integradora Comercial de Ejutla) is committed to sustainable, fair trade mezcal production the same way it’s been done by their ancestors for nearly two centuries. Underground wood-fired pits, donkey-pulled tahonas (stone-wheel mills), fermentation in wooden tanks and small-batch distillation in copper punctuate a process that has been and remains the life’s work of these mezcaleros, with the same care and attention to detail reflected in each and every bottle.


Bahnez Artesenal – 90% Espadin and 10% Barril (42% ABV). Aromas of faint pineapple and clean agave notes with low smoke. Floral and fruity flavor with subtle smokiness. Excellent introductory mezcal for first-time tasters and fantastic for mezcal cocktails.

The Vaso Veladora

VasoTradition and utility…
The vaso veladora is the traditional glass for drinking mezcal, especially in Oaxaca. Originally used to hold prayer candles in Catholic churches, the vaso has a crucifix at the bottom. At some point a church-goer “borrowed” a vaso to drink mezcal in it and a dual purpose, both religious and secular, was realized.